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Land Development Code Snippets

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Clearing, Grading and Filling of Land (MuniCode)

Deed Restrictions (MuniCode)

Drainage Plan (MuniCode)

Dumpster enclosures (MuniCode)

Dwelling unit – as defined by Chapters 4 & 9

Easement – construction within

Fence – chain-link abutting right-of-way (commercial and downtown core district)

Fertilize Wise (MuniCode)

Height of building or structure measured

Lot Coverage - maximum permitted

Mechanical Equipment (def.) Encroachment

Metal Buildings

Mobile Food Vendor

Parking – Required Spaces

Parking Residential Areas - Ordinance 05-16

Political Signs

Pool Deck Exceeding 42" From Grade Setback

Property Maintenance Code

Residential Lighting Standards

Signs – Monument/Commercial and Industrial

Signs – Submittal Requirements (with sign-band to sign-ratio 80% calculator)

Signs – Unified plan

Site-plan – proper submittal

Temporary Storage Units (TSUs)/PODs

Temporary Use Permits/Tent Sales

Vertical Setbacks and P-Line

Visibility Triangle