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Monument Signs

Sec. 6-113. – Permanent signs in commercial and industrial areas.

  1. Monument Signs 
    1. For uses with less than 330 feet of frontage, one freestanding monument sign not to exceed 8 feet in height and 12 feet in width is permitted.
    2. For uses with over 330 feet of frontage, two freestanding monument signs not to exceed eight feet in height and 12 feet in width are permitted.
    3. Copy area on all freestanding monument signs shall not exceed 75 percent of the total sign area. Twenty-five percent of the sign area shall include architectural features. The total size of the sign may be increased up to an additional ten percent provided that all of the proposed increase is devoted to additional architectural features.
    4. Within the Bonita Beach Road Corridor, monument signs are limited to 7 feet in height, as measured from the centerline of the road.
    5. Frontage roads. Where a business fronts upon a collector or better street but is separated by a frontage road, the allowable sign area shall be treated as though the frontage road was not there.
    6. Where a nonresidential subdivision has more than one entrance from the same street, one additional identification sign not exceeding 16 square feet in area, not illuminated, and displaying the name of the development only may be permitted at each additional entrance.
    7. An identification sign may be illuminated with a steady downward facing light, meeting the city dark skies requirements, as set forth in the outdoor commercial lighting standards of chapter 3 of the land development code. This sign shall not be animated.
    8. Monument signs shall be set back a minimum of one foot from any street right-of-way or easement, and ten feet from any other property line. In no case shall an identification sign be permitted between a collector or arterial street and a frontage road.
    9. Monument signs shall be designed in a manner compatible with the site buildings in color, materials and architectural design. In addition to the color theme of the buildings on site monument signs may use one additional color for background.
    10. Logos. Logos that are federally or state registered trademarks may be permitted as part of a sign as follows:
      1. When the logo does not exceed 20 percent of the sign’s copy area the logo colors will not count towards the limitations of colors as defined herein.
      2. When a logo exceeds 20 percent of the sign’s copy area, the colors contained within the logo shall conform to the color restrictions for monument signs.
    11. Address numbers for nonresidential subdivisions with multiple buildings. The address numbers will be located on each building. Address numbers will be visible from all internal vehicular access points. These numbers must be at least six inches in height and made of reflective material. At the time of development order, the location of placement of address numbers must be shown on any application required to provide building elevations. Suite numbers must also be provided on service or rear entries. These numbers must be at least six inches in height and made of reflective material.
  2. Individual occupants. Individual offices, institutions, business or industrial establishments located within a shopping center or other multiple-occupancy complex shall not be permitted individual ground-mounted identification signs but may display wall-mounted, marquee or under-canopy signs.
  3. Outparcels. In addition to the above requirements, outparcels that have road frontage of 150 feet or more (regardless of access) may have a freestanding monument sign, subject to the following limitations:
    1. Sign shall not exceed 60 square feet.
    2. Sign shall be limited to six feet in height.
    3. Color limitations for background or logos do not apply to outparcel freestanding monument signs permitted within this subsection.

Picture of two monument signs illustrating required 75% architectural features rule.

Picture of monument sign drawing illustraing required 80% placement rule.

When submitting a monument sign application, kindly provide the following:

  1. Total sign area;
  2. Total height and width (not to exceed 8ft high x 12ft width), labeled in feet not inches;
  3. Sign band/face area (delineated and labeled);
  4. Illustrate (and delineate) content will not exceed 80% height and width of sign-band/face, as outlined above.

The following is an example of a conforming monument sign submittal for reference.  It illustrates all dimensions, architectural features, and is fully designed consistent with the LDC. Chapter 6 sign code.  Click the sample image to view a larger/clearer rendering.

Picture of 7 Eleven monument sign. Opens full-sized version when clicked.

Submitting all the above information will avoid possible delays in the permitting review process.


If you have additional questions, please contact the Planner-on-call by dialing (239) 444-6166. Feel free to view/download our sign code by clicking the following link: LDC. Chapter 6 Signs.