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Public Announcements

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December 21—Building Permit Application updates and fee reduction effective January 1, 2021

November 29—Effective 12/31/2020: Soffits and siding now require additional information for reviews and in-progress inspections

November 13—Permitted encroachments for mechanical equipment

November 12—Single-family development in Mobile Home (MH) districts, two-family attached development in Two Family Conservation (TFC-2) district

November 6—Regulations regarding mobile food vending within the City of Bonita Springs

October 13—Residential lighting standards requirement effective immediately

September 25—Community Development Office Reopens Monday, September 28, 2020 with limited capacity and set procedures

May 11—Extended June 19, 2020: Temporary interim regulations for outdoor seating effective May 6, 2020

March 4—Credit card authorization form announcement

February 21—New FEMA Elevation Certificate