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Updated Sea Turtle Ordinance

Land Development Code Chapter 7 Article II. Sea Turtles was repealed and replaced by the City Council and went into effect on June 21, 2023. Please find  Ordinance 23-08 here.


The following are summarized changes to the article and the new code sections. Please see the full Ordinance for all applicable regulations. Please contact Environmental Sciences for more information or clarifications at (239) 444-6142.

  • 7-42(a) and (b) Location applicable – barrier islands where lighting is visible from nesting beach
  • 7-44(a) Lighting shall not be visible from the beach between sunset and sunrise during nesting season
  • 7-45(a) and 7-46(a) New lighting installation- all lighting in district (building mounted and all outdoor areas) which is directly, indirectly, or cumulatively visible from the beach shall use long wavelength lighting (amber/orange/red)
  • 7-45(c) Egress points – must use the minimum foot candles allowed
  • 7-45(d) Exterior and Interior light must be blocked from all developed areas so light visible from the beach is minimized as much as possible.
  • 7-45(f) Emergency lights are not subject to turtle lighting standards if on a separate circuit and activated only during power outages or other situations in which emergency lighting is necessary for public safety.
  • 7-46 (d) Signs – lighting may not be visible from beach
  • 7-46(g) TVs shielded/positioned to not be visible from beach
  • 7-47 Parking areas and roadways – Long wavelengths and mounted as low as possible to meet regulations; Parking areas and roadway lighting shall not be visible from the beach, including vehicular lights; Shall produce no more lighting than required
  • 7-50 Existing lighting – If modifying the lighting source, must use long wavelength lights instead of yellow bug lights; flood lights and motion detection lights must meet turtle lighting requirements or provided with temporary shields
  • 7-51(a) special/private events shall not produce light visible from the beach at nighttime during nesting season
  • 7-51(c) and (d) provides requirements for temporary and work zone lighting
  • 7-52(a) beach equipment removed from the beach between 9pm and 7am. If no dune line is present beach equipment must be stored adjacent to a permanent structure, if no structure is present, beach equipment must be stored landward of the 1978 CCCL and in a manner that prevents sea turtle entanglement
  • 7-52(b) Irrigation seaward of the 1978 CCCL is temporary only and must be turned off within 50’ of a sea turtle nest
  • 7-52(c) accessory structures or landscaping alterations seaward of the CCCL shall require a Beach and Dune permit. See this section for requirements.