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Land Development Code (LDC) Chapter 4, Zoning

On May 3, 2022, the City Council unanimously approved amendments to Land Development Code (LDC) Chapter 4, Zoning.  A summary of those changes are identified below.


Mobile Home Residential District, Sec. 4-556 Use Regulations Table and Sec. 4-556 Property Development Regulations Table. Changes now allow single-family homes to be constructed on the mobile home sites under the same development regulations as the mobile homes within that development. Still, any redevelopment of an existing mobile home park under unified control/ownership, into a single-family development, requires approval of a planned development zoning.


Downtown Form Based Code, Sec. 4-866 General Provisions and Sec. 4-872 Storefronts and Signage. Changes include additional opportunities for properties undergoing redevelopment or new construction. This would now allow the fencing to serve as signage to advertise the upcoming development.


Bonita Beach Road Corridor Overlay, Sec. 4-898 Permitted Uses and Sec. 4-899 Site Design Standards. Changes include adding uses by right or via an administrative action, rather than requiring public hearings for businesses that are located entirely within the structure, modifying/including footnotes that further regulate uses, and fixing scrivener’s errors. No verbiage changes have been made to the footnotes relative to density or intensity of uses in the Coastal Management Area.


For additional information please download Ordinance No. 23-02.  Please contact our planner on call service at (239) 444-6166 or at if you have any questions.