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Ordinance No. 22-09: LDC Chapter 3, Development Standards and Chapter 4, Zoning

On September 21, 2022, the City Council unanimously approved amendments to Land Development Code (LDC) Chapter 3, Development Standards and Chapter 4, Zoning.  A summary of those changes are identified below.


Chapter 3


Sec. 3-263. – Bikeways facilities and pedestrian facilities. These changes are a result of an appeal heard by the City Council. These changes correct a codification error reference for complete streets, clarify concise requirements for site-related and off-site improvements, and clarify the applicability for payment in lieu options.


Division 6-Open Space, Buffering, and Landscaping. The Tree Advisory Board was created by Ordinance 06-10, which enumerates the duties of the board. One of the duties assigned is to “review and recommend revisions to tree ordinances for consideration by the City Council with the assistance of the City Manager and staff.” With the assistance of staff, the Tree Advisory Board compiled a list of recommendations for code changes/updates and additions to the existing code.  The City Council directed Community Development staff to review those recommendations prepare an ordinance for their incorporation into the Land Development Code.


Sec. 3-535. – Piping materials for use in right-of-way. Current code does not allow for the use of plastic pipe for stormwater drain lines under travel ways.  Due to demand and supply chain challenges, applicants are requesting staff to consider the use of plastic pipe. Lee County and FDOT do allow for this type of material in the Lee County LDC Sec. 10-716 and the FDOT Standards for Road and Bridge Construction and related indexes, respectively. Other changes include updates to materials based on engineering best management practices and are generally consistent with other local jurisdictions and the FDOT.


Chapter 4


Division 18- Home Occupations. This amendment includes changes to the LDC for home-based businesses as required for consistency with Florida Statutes 559.955.


Division 37 – Subordinate and Temporary Uses, Subdivision III. – Mobile Food Vendors. Changes include the removal of the language for mobile food vendor location permit approvals to be listed on the advertised city council agenda per City Council’s direction. Other changes include clarifying language to existing standards discussed at the August 3, 2022 City Council meeting.


For additional information please download Ordinance No. 22-09.