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Amended fee schedule for Planning/Zoning and Development Services Permit Applications

On September 1, 2021, the Bonita Springs City Council amended the Land Development Code (LDC) Chapters 2-Administration, 3-Developmet Standards, 4-Zoning, and 6-Signs in Ordinance No. 21-05.


A summary and overview of each area is included below.


Chapter 2–Administration

  1. The the Planning and Zoning fee schedule has been removed from LDC Sec. 2-571 and adopted as a separate resolution. Please see Z-21-70 for additional information.

Chapter 3–Development Standards

  1. Sec. 3-81. Deviation and variances. The ability to request technical deviations from Sec. 3-268 and 3-493 (Refuse and solid waste disposal facilities and enclosures) has been added.
  2. Sec. 3-159. Types of development entitled to limited review. Approved changes include numerical references to the types of development orders subject to the limited review process. New language formalizes the Type 99 limited review process into the LDC. 
  3. Sec. 3-268. Refuse and solid waste disposal facilities. This section was last amended in 2005. These amendments provide clarity and alternatives to bulk container storage (i.e. dumpsters), additional requirements for location and screening, and the ability to share resources and utilize trash compactors.
  4. Sec. 3-493. Dumpster enclosures. Approved changes include language for industrial developments consistent with Sec. 3-268(a). Changes also clarify existing language for an applicant to request relief. 

Chapter 4–Zoning

  1. Sec. 4-2224. Clearing, grading or filling of land. This section was adopted by City Council in 2019.  Staff is suggesting these modifications to provide flexibility and clarity on specific sub-sections.

Chapter 6–Signs:

  1. 6-112. Permanent signs in residential areas.
    1. Reflects current practice of applying this section to residential entry signs within medians. 
    2. Provides the ability to place entrance signs closer to the right of way, but still 15’ from edge of pavement on private or commonly owned property. 
    3. Proposes the same right-of-way and side setback requirements for monument signs as those is commercial and industrial areas.   The maximum sign area remains unchanged.
    4. All signage is required to meet the site visibility requirements pursuant to Sec. 6-71.
  2. 6-113. Permanent signs in commercial and industrial areas.
    1. Adds reference to the unified sign plan requirement per LDC Sec. 3-494.
    2. Adds language regarding relief of encroachment into easements per LDC Sec. 3-266.  All signage is required to meet the site visibility requirements pursuant to Sec. 6-71.
    3. Reflects current practice by the City Architect for copy area (message placement).
    4. Modifies the number of walls signs for single-occupancy and multi-occupancy buildings.  This change is similar to the wall sign regulations that were in place prior to the last update in 2015.    The language also includes greater specificity of sign placement.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact Jacqueline Genson at (239) 444-6150.