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Building Permit Form update announcement

On Monday, May 6, 2019, the Building Department will no longer accept the following applications that were published before 4/19/2019.

  1. Commercial Building Permit Application
  2. Residential Building Permit Application
  3. Commercial Business Use/Occupational License Application

Community Development applications are timestamped in the lower-left hand corner and the filename ends with the publication date. These updated forms now require mandatory supplemental information for select job types to better assist with the review process. Updated versions of these forms may be downloaded from the City of Bonita Springs Community Development website. Additionally, hard-copies are available in-person at the Permitting desk at 9220 Bonita Beach Road, Ste. 111, Bonita Springs, FL 34135.


Please be advised Commercial Building Permit applicants, a Development Services permit and approval is required prior to issuance of any commercial building permit application in accordance with LDC 3-78 (Development Orders) and LDC 3-156 (Limited Review Development Orders) with the exception of interior remodels. Application review may be placed on hold until Development Services approval is received.