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Trade Permit announcement

Effective August 1, 2018, Trade Permit Applications will no longer be accepted using the old form.  Please download and use the new form located on our forms page.


Community Development will be reviewing Mechanical equipment setback encroachments as defined by the Land Development Code Sec. 4-1892(7).  Applicants are now required to provide detailed information regarding the installation of Mechanical equipment on concrete pads.  If a zoning review is required, a site plan must be submitted with the application.


All setbacks shall be measured to the nearest point of a building or structure. Notwithstanding this section, none of these encroachments may be placed if the structure will violate the state building code or the state fire prevention code. Encroachment into the setback shall be permitted as follows:


Sec. 4-1892. – Measurement; permitted encroachments.


(7)  Mechanical equipment. Mechanical equipment that is placed on an exterior concrete pad may be permitted to encroach a maximum of 3½ linear feet into the rear or side yard setbacks provided that the setback is greater than 7½ feet. For purposes of this section, mechanical equipment includes heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) units, swimming pool equipment and back-up electrical generators. It does not include chimneys or oven exhaust systems.