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Impact Fee Calculator

Impact fee rates pursuant to LDC Chapter 2, Article VI

If you experience difficulty with this form, please contact us at (239) 444-6150 during normal business hours 8AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday and we will be happy to assist.


Select desired impact fee categories to yield results and then enter a value in the field using formats explained in red below.

Enter value using the following format:

Residential: Whole number per unit (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 10, 24, etc.)

Commercial: Decimal per sf (e.g. 1,580sf = 1.580) / no comma


Roads: Category

Roads: Fee


Fire: Category

Fire: Fee


EMS: Category

EMS: Fee


Schools: Category

Schools: Fee


Parks: Category

Parks: Fee


Total Impact Fees:



Click here to view LDC Chapter 2 Article VI. Impact Fees.


Click here to view the current chart. Permit calculator (below) will auto-calculate these values.


Please contact Bonita Springs Utilities for water and wastewater ANC fees.