Welcome to Community Development PictureThe City of Bonita Springs Community Development Department’s mission is to provide citizens and the development community with a high level of professional, customer-focused service. Our office is responsible in making sure that planning, zoning, development, buildings and other structures within our city are planned, designed and built in a way that is safe and compliant with all codes and regulations.

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A repository of regularly visited sections of the Land Development Code (LDC)

Building Code

New Building Code 7th Edition (2020) adopted statewide, effective December 31, 2020


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Planning and Zoning

  1. Development Review
  2. Minimum Use Determination
  3. Conventional Rezoning
  4. Planned Development Rezoning
  5. Landscape and Irrigation
  6. Concurrency Management
  7. Site Plan Review
  8. Public Hearings
  9. Code Interpretation
  10. Variances
  11. Special Exception
  12. Transfer of Development Rights
  13. Impact Fee Assessments
  14. Code Text and Map Amendments
  15. Developer Comp-Plan Amendments
  16. No Cost Pre-Application Meetings

Picture of development site

Development Services

  1. Plat Review
  2. Development Plans Review
  3. On-Site Infrastructure
  4. Base Flood Elevation
  5. Drainage and SWM
  6. Grading and Erosion Control
  7. Easements and Rights-of-Way
  8. FDEP, ACOE, and SFWMD Coordination
  9. Environmental Assessment
  10. Endangered Species
  11. Habitat Protection
  12. Wetlands Protection
  13. Coastal Construction
  14. Sea Turtle Monitoring
  15. Bald Eagle Monitoring
  16. Historical and Archaeological

Picture of house under construction

Building and Inspections

  1. Intake Services
  2. Construction Plans Review
  3. Building Relocation Permits
  4. Building Inspection
  5. Environmental Inspection
  6. Infrastructure Inspection
  7. Coastal Construction Inspection
  8. Fees Collection
  9. Building Permits
  10. Temporary Use Permits
  11. Certificates of Compliance
  12. Certificates of Occupancy
  13. Business and Occupational Licenses
  14. Contractor Certification
  15. Contractor City Registration Monitoring