Mobile Food Vendor

Subdivision III. – Mobile Food Vendors

Sec. 4-2153. – Applicability, purpose and intent.

Applicability – The City of Bonita Springs recognizes that this use is temporary and mobile in nature. These regulations are intended to define the locations and development standards for a site to be permitted for mobile food vendors. The standards established in these regulations are intended to allow mobile food vendors to operate while mitigating impacts to the site in which they operate and adjacent properties and right of ways. These regulations do not address mobile food carts, or mobile vendors that visit sites to temporarily vend for a period of minutes and not days or hours (i.e. ice cream trucks, construction or work site vendors). These vehicles are permitted by other agencies and cannot operate in the same manner as a mobile food vendor.

Permit Required – No mobile food vendor location is permitted without an approved permit. Such a permit only address the location. Food vendors are required to provide evidence of all applicable inspections and permits with the City and not permitted or registered through this ordinance.

Property owners that have a fixed (stationery) mobile food vendor permitted before January 1, 2013, and have made substantial improvements to the property (obtained development orders and expended at least $10,000.00 in site improvements) may continue to have a mobile food vendor on that site for eight years from adoption of the ordinance from which this subdivision is derived, subject to loss of nonconforming status per Section 4-2320 et seq. The community development director may grant a two year extension to the property owner. Property owner may replace the mobile food vendor, who may remain as originally permitted. Any new mobile food vendor located at the site must comply with Section 4-2156 except for the duration and physical movement of the vendor.

Failure to provide the required documentation can result in the delay or denial of permit issuance.