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No, a permit is not needed for minor repairs and maintenance such as re-decking. If structural repairs are being made, then a permit is needed.

Yes, a type 99 Limited Development Order is required to change the landscaping on a multifamily, commercial, or industrially zoned land.

Yes, for single family & duplex residences your building permit is your clearing permit. For all other construction, a Vegetation Removal Permit is issued to remove trees and vegetation.

In an effort to provide expedited customer service we are implementing the following process and procedure for applicants that use Courier Service Providers.
  1. Please have all Courier Service Providers submit and pick up at the City of Bonita Springs Building Department, located at 9220 Bonita Beach Rd. Suite 111, Bonita Springs, FL 34135.
  2. Please provide your Courier Service Provider with the following information for all permit submissions:
    1. Project name and permit type.
    2. Applicable permit fee in accordance with the City of Bonita Springs Community Development Fee Schedule.
    3. Courier Service Providers must wait until the application has been checked for intake. Insufficient applications may be turned away without proper documentation from staff.
  3. Please provide your Courier Service Provider with the following information for all permit pickups:
    1. Project name; permit number, and staff contact
    2. Any outstanding permit fees must be paid or the permit may be withheld. All outstanding fees may be viewed through the Community Development ePortal

Our Environmental Sciences staff enforces Sea Turtle compliance. Please call (239) 444-6142 for assistance.