Elevation Certificates are required for buildings constructed or substantially improved that are in the mapped special flood hazard area identified by FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps.  Certificates submitted to the Building Department are maintained for the life of the structure. The City of Bonita Springs Community Development Department began issuing permits (and collecting elevation certificates) as of June 1, 2008.

All elevation certificates currently on file with the Building Department have ben digital archived and may be accessed here (search fields will open in a new tab).  Please enter only one of the (2) following types of information:

  • STRAP (parcel number)
  • Street Address (partial entries work best e.g., “9220 Bonita Beach”)

Elevation certificates are helpful and utilized in two main ways:

  1. The Building Department staff uses elevation certificates to ensure that new construction or substantial improvements to properties located in the Special Flood Hazard Areas are compliant with FEMA regulations, the City’s Floodplain Hazard Reduction Ordinance and the Florida Building Code.
  2. The insurance industry uses elevation certificates to rate your structure for flood insurance, for more information see FEMA’s Elevation Certificate Fact Sheet.

The City’s database of elevation certificates may be searched by strap number (parcel id number from your tax bill) OR by property address (not both). Partial entries are allowed, for example you can enter just the street number or street name and you will receive all items containing that information.

If you are unable to locate your elevation certificate through this link and need assistance, please contact the City of Bonita Springs Community Development Department by calling (239) 444-6150 or email your request to alonergan@cityofbonitaspringscd.org.

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