This webpage is for informational purposes only as it relates to the Pelican Landing Commercial Planned Development (CPD)/Residential Planned Development (RPD) Amendment, also known as the WCI Raptor Bay rezoning case, PD15-23946-BOS.

This property was annexed into the City of Bonita Springs in 2014.  The property was subject to a City initiated comprehensive plan amendment and a privately initiated planned development rezoning application.  The comprehensive plan amendments were denied at the final adoption public hearing; therefore, the applicant had requested that the City of Bonita Springs City Council remand the companion rezoning application back to the Zoning Board for analysis and review under the Lee County Lee Plan and Lee County LDC (in effect at time of annexation).

The application has been reviewed  by City of Bonita Springs, Lee County, and Village of Estero staff under the Lee County Lee Plan and Lee County Land Development Code pursuant to Florida Statute 171.062(2).  The application has been deemed sufficient.  A sufficient application means that that the applicant has supplied the required application materials pursuant to the Land Development Code.  A substantive review of the application occurs after an application is sufficient.

Now that the application has been found sufficient, it will be scheduled for public hearings in accordance with the LDC and the City of Bonita Springs 2017 Scheduling Sheet; however, a special meeting during the week of August 21, 2017 is being considered.  Staff is currently vetting the Zoning Board public hearing date(s) with outside legal counsel, staff, Zoning Board, and the applicant.  We are looking into the feasibility of alternate venues to accommodate the public.

Contact Jacqueline Genson, AICP, at (239) 444-6163 or eMail if you have any questions.

Staff will upload key project informational items as they become available into the following document repository.

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