1. Scope of chapter. The provisions of this chapter shall apply uniformly to all land, water, buildings and structures now or hereafter located in the city.
  2. Deed restrictions. The provisions of this chapter shall be held to be minimum requirements adopted for the promotion of the public health, safety and welfare. It is not intended by this chapter to interfere with, abrogate or annul any easements, covenants or other agreement between the parties; provided, however, that, where this chapter imposes a greater restriction upon the uses of structures, land and water, or requires more open space, than is required by other rules or regulations, or by easements, covenants or agreements, by recorded deed, plat or otherwise, the provisions of this chapter shall govern. The city shall not be responsible for the enforcement of private deed restrictions.
  3. Vested rights. Nothing in this chapter is to be interpreted or construed to give rise to any vested right in the continuation of any particular use, district or zoning classification or any permissible activities therein; and such use, district, zoning classification and permissible activities are hereby declared to be subject to subsequent amendment, change or modification as may be necessary to the protection of public health, safety and welfare.