A properly submitted site-plan is key to zoning review.  A site-plan may be hand-drawn, it need not be a survey or engineered drawing (although having such may identify easements and/or other factors a property owner may be unaware of).

A site-plan must include the following components to avoid a possible delay in the permitting review process:

  1. Complete property boundary, clearly delineated and labeled (with property measurements);
  2. Street(s) clearly identified and labeled;
  3. Water-body (if applicable) water-line clearly identified and labeled (seawalls and/or riprap clearly identified and labeled – if applicable);
  4. Proposed structure(s) with setbacks from affected property lines clearly drawn, labeled and delineated.  New construction, additions and/or any accessory structure(s) proposed.

Here’s an example of an excellent site-plan


The property size, zoning and location dictate site development regulations.  If you’re uncertain about a specific property, we encourage you to contact our planner-on-call at (239) 444-6166.  When visiting our office, if you require assistance with creating a proper site-plan, ask to speak with our planner-on-call and/or the reviewer who reviews such permits.  We’ll be happy to assist you any way we can.

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