Green Building Program
The green building program is a voluntary program with incentives to promote and encourage environmentally-friendly and efficient design and construction practices to reduce the impact of the built environment on the natural environment and human health.

Applicants select a standard developed by a recognized green building rating system such as; the U.S. Green Building Council, the Florida Green Building Coalition or Energy Star and design and build their applicable project in accordance with that certification program. Projects shall be certified by an independent qualified third-party. Applicable categories of green construction include:

  • New residential homeslogo-1
  • Remodeling of existing homes
  • New commercial or institutional buildings
  • Remodeling of existing commercial and institutional buildings
  • Green developments

Links for Certification Programs:


  • Fast track development review
  • Priority status
  • Recognition and Marketing

Permit Fee Rebates:

  • $300 for new residential construction and residential retrofitting/remodeling (per unit)
  • $300 for new affordable housing and affordable housing retrofitting/remodeling (per unit)
  • $1,000 for new commercial and commercial construction retrofitting/remodeling(per building)
  • $2,500 for green development projects


  • A Green Building Award will be awarded annually to one program participant for best overall logo-2project.

Green Building Program Ordinance No. 15-19:

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